Whatever else we can do to help, we’re onto it.

We’ve put together our portfolio of site solutions based on what we think solves problems that others are not so keen to take on.

More power.

Most outdoor events and some indoor ones need extra power to run the show. Our approach is to think beyond just providing enough power to meet the load. We look at all of the issues for the best overall solution. With our high capacity distribution cables and boards, we usually recommend fewer, larger generators, located remote from the action. This gives lower fuel consumption, less noise, improved aesthetics and it helps to free up space in valuable public areas.

Fuel for thought.

We’re also available to return to the site and ensure the generators start when required and keep running while needed. We understand that many of our clients people are not comfortable dealing with heavy equipment and that taking away these concerns and freeing them to focus on running the event needs to be part of the service we offer. This finds us monitoring the operation of the generators, attending to any issues that arise and most importantly, keeping them fuelled up.

Comfortably cold.

As the on-site provider of electrical suppliers, we often found ourselves helping our customer’s to position and power-up a range of cold-display equipment like glass-door refrigerators and refrigerated cabinets. After many years of doing this, we decided to get into the business. In partnership with one of the country’s largest suppliers of refrigerated display equipment for short-term applications, we supply, deliver and support a wide range of fridges and cabinets that will keep perishables cold and well-presented.

Leave your gear in our safe hands

We know how difficult it is to find somewhere to store gear prior to, in between or even after an event. Many of of our interstate and international clients utilise our storage services for their stock and display equipment. When the next event comes around, we take it out of storage and transport it to site. Often we even set up the display and make sure it’s all working well before our client is off the plane. And when the event’s over, we dismantle the display, pack it up and return it back to our warehouse. For us, it’s all a part of the integrated events services that we provide.

Hanging around and helping

Our logic on this one is simple. We’re already on site, we’re already kitted out with the ladders, scissor-lifts, tools and fixings, we’re good with our hands, we have an eye for detail and we enjoy helping. But we don’t like watching our clients struggle with hanging signs, banners and posters. All we need is some advance-notice, details about what is to be hung and where it has to go and we’ll look after the rest. We’ll even coordinate the on-site riggers and work in with them to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Is there anything else we can do to help?

If there’s something that we’ve missed, let us know. We’re happy to look at almost anything – just ask.