We give the spark to indoor events…

Our indoor event-power capabilities are extensive. Utilising a combination of our own and a venue’s fully-protected distribution boards, we can tap into any three-phase power supply and reticulate single-phase power across the expanse of even the largest event. Or if we’re powering up a smaller venue that has only single-phase outlets, we have the leads, boards and droppers to get the supplies where they’re needed and while keeping the circuits balanced. Even in buildings or facilities that are only occasionally used for displays or exhibitions, we’ll find a way to power up an event without jeopardising the house electricity services. At the other end of the spectrum, for those events that have large loads that require high-amperage, three-phase supplies, we’ve got the right cables and splitters for that too.

…and the drive to those that are outdoors.

Outdoor events can be challenging and resource-intensive: There’s often not enough power on site or when there is, it’s rarely where it’s needed; there can be constraints around disturbing the ground or attaching cables and lights to existing structures or trees; and bad weather can complicate things immensely. We’ve been solving these sorts of problems for years. Using a combination of house-power, generators, weatherised distribution boards, three-phase cables and cable-trunks, we’re yet to be beaten by even the most taxing situations. And once we have the reticulated three-phase outlets where they’re needed, we can keep going – weatherproof single-phase distribution boards and overhead or underground cables power, get power to outside displays, through marquees and anywhere else that it’s needed.

Let us know if you need help or advice.

To make sure things run right on the day, we’re always happy to participate pre-event in the electrical design process – gratis of course!