See and be seen in a different light.

Lighting booths

Our approach to booth lighting is functional, reliable and economical. Track lighting systems unobtrusively position lamps opposite their targets and keep the glare away from visitors. And if track-mounting isn’t right, our arm-mounted lamp holders suit any situation.

To keep operating costs to a minimum and to maximise reliability, we use only LED or compact fluorescent lamps. And high energy efficiency means cooler running for lower heat loads.

Lighting customs

Custom stands generally require more flare – and lighting is a major element in delivering this. We’re at our best working with designers striving for that special lighting effect or advising stand-builders on how to achieve it.

We’ll work on a custom stand during the off-site fabrication and on-site erection phases – this way, we can make sure that the most appropriate lamps are chosen, they’re optimally positioned, important features are highlighted and cabling is concealed or made unobtrusive.

And if something really special is needed we’ll help to specify it, source it, buy it and make sure it achieves what’s needed.

Lighting marquees

Lighting marquees and other temporary shelters comes with challenges and often requires specially-adapted equipment. We can use our own high-bay lamps for larger structures, but our preference is to project spots onto the marquee ceiling and allow the reflected light to do the job. Compact LED spots are used for less expansive applications or where pinpointing is needed.

For something a little special, check out our range of festoons and other celebration lighting.

Lighting outdoors

Setting up outdoor lighting involves addressing safety, security and noise considerations while delivering that special visual impact.

We’re not keen on the traditional approach of deploying multiple diesel-powered, self-contained lighting-towers around an event – these can be noisy, expensive to run and take up valuable space. Instead we prefer to set-up lights on existing structures or our light-weight towers and then power them from fewer, larger generators that are located well away from the action.

We have some of the most up-to-date, large format LED spot-lighting systems that use a fraction of the power of halogen or incandescent lamps and are incredibly reliable.

Lighting celebrations

When it’s time to let your hair down or just add a little bling, we’ll come to the party. Whether you need something as simple as a string of festoon lights for a bush party or something more elaborate like gobo lights, up-lights or even laser projections, we’re the original party animals.

Simply let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll help set the scene and the mood.