There’s no business without show business.

Why we’re different.

We’ve seen how traditional suppliers of small, portable AV equipment operate. They seem to always be in a hurry and prefer to simply deliver gear and get off site (sometimes well before their clients arrive). It often falls to their clients to work out how to get things running and deal with any issues. But because we’re on-site doing other tasks, sometimes for the same clients, we find ourselves fixing problems and dealing with issues. Our approach has grown from our observations. We’re not in favour of the ‘drop and run’ – it’s better to spend time checking gear works and showing clients how to use it.

How we’re different.

We are event specialists, only operating in the corporate space with commercial clients. This means that we’re very familiar in dealing with and responding to the particular issues that surround deploying AV gear in time-sensitive, highly-visible applications. We understand that a suite of AV equipment often forms the centre-piece of a display or exhibit. It’s the enabler for communicating a message, gathering data or transacting business and the eye-catcher that brings people on to a stand. If the AV’s not working, the event’s not working.

Our gear is different.

Our gear is modern, user-friendly and robust. It’s designed to withstand the rigours of the event business and we protect it all in special-purpose road cases. Our large-format LED screens are commercial-grade, have multiple ports to accept a wide range of input devices and are simple to operate. We can supply them on our floor-mounted or desktop stands or help to fit them to a wall. To make things easy, our notebook computers are plug-and-play Apple OS X or Windows 8.1 based machines.  We can also help with modems, DVD players and even spruiker boxes.

Our service is different too.

This is where we are really different. There’s no ‘cut-and-run’ about the way that we operate – we’re on-site early in the build, we’re on-hand as customers move-in and we’re still around well after the event has commenced. We transport the AV gear to site ourselves, deliver it to where it’s needed, set it up, test it and then explain how to use it as customers arrive. And if things go wrong later or if new staff come on at the start of another shift, we’ll be back if needed.