We supply the light, the sound, the colour and the movement.

We know people attend exhibitions and live events for the experience. And we also know that our customers want to make that experience memorable and influential. We’re here to help our customers (and our customers’ customers) to create and deliver that experience. We also understand the importance of providing a cost-effective, predictable and reliable service.

We’ve designed our business to be self-reinforcing. Our wide range of services means that, at all stages of an event, we can help. And because we’re on-site so much of the time, we can offer a quick response to any requests. That’s show business and for us the show is always going on.

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We energise events! From getting electricity into a few booths to powering-up an entire outdoor site, we have the gear and the know-how to make it happen safely and reliably.

Find the power
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See the light with our range of tracks, holders, arms, lamps, floods, spots, tubes and towers; but don’t feel any heat – we use energy-efficient lamps to keep running costs low.

See the light
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We take the hassle out of hiring AV. We deliver it, start it and stay around to make sure customers know how to use it – any loud noises should come from our gear, not our customers.

Get the effect
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Safety is important and safe gear is mandatory. We’ll test what’s on site, tag what’s safe and sometimes fix what’s not. And to make it easy, we’ll get it done before the event opens.

Tag along
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Site services

We’re happy to help wherever we can. Whether it’s hanging signs, hiring refrigerated display cabinets, monitoring and refueling generators or storing goods between events, we’re geared for it.

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