We work hard to make you look good.

The contractors that we work for directly are many and varied.

Some are larger general service contractors that are engaged by event organisers to supply a very broad range of event set-up and display-building services. Some are smaller specialist service contractors that are engaged by individual end-use clients to provide specific services such as erecting custom stands. And sometimes we even work for an on-site rigging contractors at the major venues providing them with lighting and power services. Regardless of the type of contractor for which we are working, we understand the importance of ensuring that everything that we do makes them look good in the eyes of their customers.

Whether in a direct or indirect mode, we offer the same high level of coordination, cooperation and customer focus.

We understand the utmost importance of supporting, protecting and be loyal to our contractor-customers. Those that we work for include:

General service contractors:

  • Perth Expohire is Perth’s largest general service contractor and our our largest single customer. We’ve been working closely with Expohire for over two decades ago and we like to think that we’re its most important supplier.
  • Advans Exhibition Services is a major local general service contractor. We are its preferred supplier of power, lighting and audio-visual services and we’ve been so for a very long time.
  • ExpoNet is one of Australia’s largest general service contractors. Although not based in Perth, ExpoNet is often called upon to support an existing customer when they’re in town – and when this happens, it’s us that they turn.

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Specialist service contractors:

  • AVPartners is the in-house audio-visual company operating at three of Perth’s major business event venues. When there’s complicated power and ligthing work to be done, we’re always there to help.
  • Galaxy Visual Displays is a custom-stand builder with an international presence. Their work is impressive and when they’re working in Perth, it’s generally with us.
  • Clifton Productions is a supplier of rigging and lighting services to events. Where specialist electrical services are reqired, it’s us that they call in.