We work with some of the best in the business.

We’re happy to be judged by the company we keep. As Western Australia’s largest exhibition power and lighting provider, it’s a given we work for or with some of the biggest and most demanding national and international event organisers, display contractors and venue managers. But we’re just as active working in small venues, with local industry associations or for end-use clients. It’s our commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of our customers that’s brought us to where we are today – and it’s why we continue to grow.

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The Venues

Venue managers are not just landlords – they can have a large impact and make a major contribution to an event’s success. We work with most and good relationships ensure the best outcomes.

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The Organisers

Event organisers have the ideas, take the risks and fund the business. We think they have enough on their plate and it’s our job to help carry some of the load and keep life simple for them.

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The Contractors

General service contractors and custom stand-builders are our key customers. We work with them and through them but never around them. We have to be a trustworthy partner.

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The Clients

End-use clients are sometimes our smallest customers. Whether it’s helping them with their own display stands or other promotional activities, we’re always keen to help.

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