From humble beginnings…

The Lobel story started over 40 years ago with an electrical contracting business founded by Sheldon’s father, Henk. Back then, Henco primarily provided electrical wiring services to shop-fitters creating retailing spaces. Sheldon worked in the business between his studies. The skills and knowledge learned during these years set him up well for what was to come.

…to the start of something big.

In the early 1990s, Henco began to expand into the exhibition industry, initially working for Perth’s major display contractors on events at the Burswood Dome and the Claremont Showgrounds. During this period, Henco quickly built its reputation for reliability, efficiency and a strong customer focus. Sheldon watched his father operate and listened to what he had to say. It was during this time, that he learnt some valuable lessons from Henk: “listen to the customer, respond to the customer, do what the customer wants and keep the customer happy”. This advice continues to underpin Sheldon’s approach to business.

A fresh new look…

Sheldon took over the Henco business in 2004 and quickly set about expanding the portfolio of events. While Henk continued to be involved as an ongoing source of sage advice and guidance, the baton of management and ultimately ownership was passed to Sheldon. In 2010 the business was re-branded as Perth Exhibition Lighting Power – or simply PELP. This marked the beginning of an exciting period of growth; an increased focus on the exhibition industry; a strengthening of key-customer relationships; and the emergence of a clear and ambitious vision for the business.

…for a new direction.

Today, Lobel Events is part of the larger, diversified Lobel Group. While the event-based activities remain at the core of the Group, its other activities encompass a range of interests Рmany of which originated from relationships with exhibition customers. Lobel Events has also expanded beyond just the exhibition power and lighting activities that launched PELP. The business broadened both in terms of the services offered and the markets served. Audio-visual equipment hire, testing-and-tagging services, cold-display equipment and a range of other site and off-site solutions have joined the portfolio. And it continues to grow.