Welcome to Lobel Events

Providing specialist electrical, audio-visual and technical solutions to the Western Australian exhibition and live event industry.

Lobel is at the forefront of Events.

We recognise this is a business about perception and performance. Our customers are on show to their customers and how they look is critical to their success. We appreciate part of our role is to shield customers from the stress that otherwise arises if things go awry. But it’s not all about appearances.

Part of the Lobel Group

We make sure your events:

  • Start on time.
  • Run Smoothly.
  • Are bumped-out on┬áschedule.

Our approach is simple.

If there’s a problem, we fix it. If more gear is needed, we get it. If changes have to be made, we make them. If something stops, we get it going. If you want us, we’re there!

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Our commitment to the event business is what sets us apart.

We’ve got the gear, the equipment and the people. That’s why we’re Perth’s largest supplier of electrical, audio-visual and technical solutions to the exhibition industry.

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